Refurbished bike
bike maintenance checklist
safe to ride service

Ideal for bicycles that haven't been ridden or serviced for a while

- Carry out a full bike assessment
- Quick bike and drivetrain cleaning
- Make adjustments to ensure your bike is safe to ride

I'll do what I can to make your bike safe to ride in this quick service. However, if parts or more work are needed to get your bike safe to ride. I'll let you know before any repairs are carried out and additional costs incurred.


Full bike service

- Regrease wheel hub bearings
- Check bottom bracket & appropriate maintenance
- Regrease headset bearings
- Stem and handle bars checked, adjusted as necessary
- Check for wear on chain, rear cassette and chainset (replace as necessary at cost of parts, as agreed)
- Replace brake and gear inner cables. Outer cables replaced if needed
- Hydraulic brakes checked. Additional work at agreed extra cost
- Check and replace brake pads
- Check tyres and inner tubes for excessive wear or damage
- Wheels checked for damage and wear to include spoke tensioning / truing as required
- All moving parts lubricated as appropriate

Bike with rim brakes - £75

Bike with mechanical disc brakes  - £75

Bike with hydraulic disc brakes (includes fluid change) - £90

You might be surprised at how much life I can restore into your old bike which may at first glance seem to be a lost cause.

Having your bike checked regularly can keep it on the road for longer for less expense. Here at SFS Cycles I offer a £20 safe to ride service with minor adjustments to ensure that you know your bike is safe to ride or what work is needed to get it into a safe condition.

If your bike has not been used for a while, I can strip it down and rebuild it so that it is in the best condition that it can be.

As a guide, service costs for a mountain bike / hybrid with standard bearings, rim brakes/mechanical disc brakes would cost £75, whilst bikes with hydraulic disc brakes / more expensive bearings, would cost £95.

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