refurbished bikes for sale

Refurbished bikes for sale

If you do not have a bike and want to hop on board the cycling revolution, I have a number of bikes either fully refurbished or presently undergoing the refurbishment process.

What is a refurbished bicycle?

During a bicycle refurbishment, worn out bike parts are replaced and all bearings checked, replaced as necessary and re-greased. Brake blocks are replaced as are the brake and gear inner cables.

I ensure that the main contact points of the grips, saddles and pedals are in good condition to provide many miles of stress-free cycling. All refurbished bikes will come with mudguards fitted – unless requested otherwise.

If you have any specific requirements or do not see what you want on the refurbished bike selection below please contact me and I can discuss how I can supply you with what you want. People want different things from their bikes and I want to supply refurbished bikes that meet the individual needs and preferences of my customers so the use of them is as practicable and enjoyable as possible.


I'll be adding a selection of refurbished bikes for sale shortly. In the meantime, please come to the workshop and see what's currently available, or contact me and tell me what size and type you're looking for.

Here's a couple of refurbished bikes previously sold:

Meander bike
Refurbished bike